How can you promote tourism in your country?

Let your tourists become brand ambassadors. Optimize your website for mobile use. There are many effective marketing strategies that can be implemented for the purpose of driving visitor traffic to a target country. These strategies help to improve the country's image and increase awareness.

To achieve your key objective as a DMO, that is, to attract visitors to a target region, here are 14 marketing techniques from countries that will set you on the path to success. This strategy will help increase the credibility of your target country as it is promoted by word of mouth, without any effort on your part. After all, people tend to rely much more on word of mouth than on the promotional words of an organization. To go one step further, you can include 360 virtual reality tours of the region to allow users to enjoy a personal experience of the country with a call to action at the end of the video that directs them to your website.

We all want a breath of fresh air. With Regiondo, you can implement your ticket store, booking widgets or booking buttons in different languages. This way, you can publish offers on your multilingual website in up to 11 languages. In the following article, “Key Technology Trends Emerging in the Travel Tourism Industry &, you will learn the most important technological trends in the travel and tourism sector.

Whether you're a resort owner, a tourism promoter in your area, or just a tourist, learning how to promote sustainable tourism has value.