Which country has no 1 food in the world?

When it comes to world cuisine, Italians are the supreme kings. It's good to see that everything is clearer now, so I think you don't have enough basis to create a complex article like “The 20 best countries in the world for food, you really need to expand your travel experiences because you miss important culinary destinations In addition to Peruvian food, I can say that you also need to try the taste of Lebanon You stated that this was not a rating but a collection of delicious destinations, so for God's sake, change the name of this incorrect item from “The 20 Best Countries in the World to Eat” to “Delicious Destinations I've Visited”. It is shocking that there is no mention at all of Peruvian cuisine, which is considered one of the best, if not the best, gastronomy, if you haven't tried it, you're really missing out. To understand this severity, it's like making a list of the countries with the best basketball teams and not mentioning the United States, the United States or Spain.

As a multicultural country, Australia is a melting pot of incredible food with influences from all over the world and definitely one of the countries with the best food. Thai food is also one of the healthiest in the world, as many of the popular foods contain a lot of vegetables. I can see that Israeli food is on your list, when most of the food is from Arab countries like Lebanon, Palestine and Syria, please don't make a mistake like that ever. It is very scandalous to see this type of list without mentioning Peruvian food and it is quite perplexing to see countries like the United States or Australia that lack culinary culture, in these countries you may find great restaurants and chefs from other countries but definitely these countries do not have the best culinary culture and the best food.

Although it cannot be said that these foods originated in those states, they are still part of the country's gastronomic scene. Food in Sri Lanka literally bursts with flavor and the country deserves to be mentioned among the countries with the best food. Although some popular foods that originated in this country have spread to other parts of the world, the best of those foods can only be found here. You can also try a guided food tour, such as this half-day market and street food tour of Mexico City.

If you're in Catania, you might want to take a food tour there, like this street food tour of Catania. Spanish food generally consists of vegetables and olive oil, since the country is the world's largest producer of food. There's a good chance you took a gyroscope in a shopping mall food court or in a food truck and it was probably OK. Since food in Italy varies a lot from region to region, I thought I would give a brief summary of food in some of my favorite regions.

Street food alone with sweet rice balls, all the meatballs your heart could want and every type of protein you can imagine fried or grilled on a stick barely scratches the surface of this city's immense food ecosystem. Keep reading to find out which countries have the best food (and also, which are the countries with the best food for vegetarians and vegans). Most travelers go to Southeast Asia and immediately think of Thailand as the best dining destination, but it is Malaysia that wins in terms of its wide variety of food and, therefore, should be mentioned among the countries with the best food.