Where is the food capital of the world?

Zahlé is a true gastronomic paradise and another gastronomic capital of the world. The Lonely Planet guide says that apart from being a base for exploring the Beqaa Valley, there are no real tourist attractions. Rather, to focus on the exceptional traditional food and wine and perhaps the occasional glass of arak, the anise-flavored liqueur served for breakfast, lunch and dinner, similar to French pastis and Greek ouzo. The birthplace of many writers is known as “The City of Wine and Poetry” and what more sublime combination could there be? It is said that Zahle invented the mezze experience, the variety of small plates that is now in vogue worldwide and that form a banquet.

To the well-known Lebanese standards of shish taouk, tabbouleh, kishk (fermented bulgur and milk by-products), manouche, Zahle adds local delicacies of wild pork and famous locally grown trout. There is also goat's milk ice cream with rose water, musk and estambouli sahlab with hints of sugar and cinnamon, which is popular in the region. Interesting flavors take center stage in this Lebanese city, attracting tourists who are willing to travel off the beaten path. What makes these cities the food capitals of the world is not the people who use hashtags on Instagram all the time, but the quality of the food and restaurants.

As the capital of the state of Penang in Malaysia, Georgetown is home to some of the best street food in the world, or street food as the locals call it.