Which country has the best food scene?

The 10 countries with the best food, ranked by PerceptionItaly. This, combined with optimal weather conditions, results in opulent seafood dishes dipped in high-quality olive oil with a garnish of highly nutritious vegetables. And, of course, there is cod and soups exclusive to Portugal. Walking the streets of Portugal is a 360-degree experience.

The country never ceases to amaze with its overwhelming architectural and natural beauty, charming street music and lively atmosphere. In addition, with one of the oldest culinary cultures in Europe, his first recipe book dates back to the 16th century and has a travel destination like no other. Portuguese people love sandwiches and thin marinated pork slices stuffed on a roll of fresh bread, known as bifanas, are another thing you can't miss. It is a popular lunch menu option in Portugal.

Seafood lovers will be in Portugal's gastronomic paradise, especially close to the coast, although it will never be so far from the sea. Polvo à la Lagareiro, the traditional dish made of roasted and baked octopus and potatoes dipped in olive oil, is something you can't miss. Sorrento has a number of really great restaurants, but you have to try it in the hills of Sorrento, the Michelin-starred Don Alfonso 1890 truly a unique experience. But don't overlook the nearby island of Capri when it comes to incredible Campanian cuisine.

We traveled through the Golden State on a 10-day road trip and our California trip itinerary included stops at some very interesting and creative wineries. Just outside San Francisco, in the Tri Valley, Livermore Valley wines include Sauvingnon Blancs, Cabernets and Chardonnays, which grow well due to the variety of elevations and exposures. The country of Slovenia is very small and has never been considered a gastronomic destination, but that is changing. Following the disintegration of former communist Yugoslavia in the early 1990s, the country continues to rebuild, reinvent and refine its regional culinary resources.

Paris could be nicknamed the city of love, but it could easily be called the city of food. And while it's easy to associate Paris with elegant and elegant restaurants, a hub of Michelin-starred restaurants, there's A LOT more to this culinary city. There are incredible inexpensive meals, such as the life-changing falafel pita at L'As du Falafel, buckwheat crepes filled with ham, gruyère and eggs in the sun at the Breizh Cafe, and the buttery, puff pastries at Du Pain et Des Idées. French cuisine applies some of the most difficult cooking techniques and is a style that is carefully taught in culinary schools around the world.

Some say it's pomp, others say it's sophistication, but everyone would largely agree that the style and innovation of French cuisine is impressive. Leaving our French fries aside for a second, we must remember that the French love cheese, an ingredient that is generously used in various dishes, from soufflé to tartiflette. Other famous dishes are sponge cake and terrine, while macarons are perfect for a sweet bite after dinner. With 148 combined rooms, Jupiter Hotel and Jupiter NEXT offer a vibrant view of Portland's unique art and music culture.

Street food alone with sweet rice balls, all the meatballs your heart could want and every type of protein you can imagine fried or grilled on a stick barely scratches the surface of this city's immense food ecosystem. I learned a lot about Mexican food and culture on a food tour with Mexico Underground (plus, they showed me the taco spots I would never have found). Considered by many, including Italians, to be the culinary capital of Italy, Bologna food is truly unique among regional Italian foods. Lafayette isn't just one of the top food destinations in the U.S.

It competes with the best places in the world to eat, without a doubt. There's a good chance you took a gyroscope in a shopping mall food court or in a food truck and it was probably OK. Anthony Bourdain said that the Czech Republic was “the land that vegetables forgot”, but it cannot be argued that Prague has one of the tastiest foods, the traditional food of the Czech Republic. For Mexicans, food is a source of pride, so much so that Mexican food has earned the UNESCO World Heritage designation.

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