What role does food and beverage play in a hotel?

Food and beverages help properties stand out from the crowd, and to do so, some hotels rely on banquets for income and profits. Guests usually pay per person for an open bar for events. Revenues are generally higher than costs. Weddings can also contribute to the number of rooms booked at a hotel.

Food and beverage catering services play an important role. They provide food and beverages for these functions, as it is more cost-effective for the hotel. F&B operations involve the purchase, preparation, service, inventory maintenance, and catering services of an event venue. Consumer awareness of the source and distribution of food has created a movement that advocates for sustainable, locally grown food.

Managing hotel food and beverage operations requires a relentless focus on food costs, labor and waste. Therefore, follow NOM 093 to the letter as a guide to good hygiene practices in food and beverage service establishments, which you should implement without exception in a food company. In addition to the quantity and type of food and beverages that contain them, present in the menus, procedures manual, control of food and beverage costs, flavors, organization charts, management of restaurants, bars, establishments and general guidelines of companies and their canteens. This helps meet guests' needs, both internal and external, by providing them with food options, recipes, events and all other ways to serve the highest quality food.

As budgets continue to shrink and the cost of food continues to rise, it's easy to consider food service at events as “mandatory.” Cleanliness and hygiene in commercial food and beverage establishments are of paramount importance when working with any type of edible food. As a general rule, if your food expenditures exceed 28% to 32% of your income, you should consider adopting a new strategy to control your food cost expenditures. If serving food at events were just about feeding people, it would probably be more profitable to give guests cash or vouchers for the nearest fast-food restaurant. Catering businesses (whether on-site or in special locations) are challenged by the episodic nature of events and food handling and safety issues with large groups.

In reality, there is no such career, the appropriate careers to aspire to be a Food and Beverage Manager would be the Career in Gastronomy or the Career in Tourism.